Harper Adams College Farmweld Equipment are working very closely in partnership with the engineering department at Harper Adams University College by providing the latest welding and workshop equipment to help in the training and education of students attending the college.

Shropshire Industrial Supplies Company Sponsor Local Agricultural University College - Latest Press Release

Engineering students at Harper Adams University College now have access to modern welding equipment to aid their studies, thanks to support sponsorship from local company Farmweld.

Farmweld is a division of Shropshire based Telford Group Ltd, a leading supplier of Industrial Welding Machines and Workshop Equipment.

In exchange for their old Mig Tig and Arc welding machines and plasma cutters, the University College have received brand new machines from Farmweld, in line with those used in agricultural equipment manufacturing and maintenance.

Harper Adams Senior Lecturer in Engineering, Dave Allan, said: “As most of our students have not come from a technical background it is essential that they develop an understanding of this technology to enable them to be more effective engineers. These facilities, kindly donated by Farmweld, will be used by our students to manufacture products that they have designed."

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"It is fantastic that a local company has recognized the work that we do here and shown their support in this way. The equipment supplied ensures our students are working with the latest technology and is an enhancement to the excellent facilities that we have here for engineers.”

Steve Woodhouse, Managing Director of Farmweld parent company Telford Group Ltd, hopes to encourage more young people to choose a career in engineering.

He said “The demands within the industry for higher quality welding and the formal qualification of welding personnel, is driving the investment in state-of-the-art equipment to achieve the standard required and to improve productivity needed to be competitive"

"We have our own welding school in Telford and are committed to supporting training in the welding industry and to re-establish the status of a formally qualified welder as the highly respected skill it deserves.

Telford Group Ltd hopes that our continued association with Harper Adams University College and other training establishments will encourage more young people to consider a career in engineering to fill the current skill shortage in the industry.”

In support of this sponsorship initiative the new Farmweld website specifically designed for the agricultural and horticultural industry offers MIG, TIG and ARC Welding and Plasma Cutting machinery, along with all the associated consumables for use in workshops and by on-site contractors alike.

Farmweld staff have over thirty-seven years of experience working with farmers, contractors and colleges and offer advice by phone fax or email on welding, fabrication, maintenance, industrial gas equipment as well as providing product support and after sales service and information.

The availability of Telford Group Ltd training school, service department engineers and demonstration facility allow Farmweld to be extremely confident that the sponsorship of Harper Adams combined with the website launch will be effective in providing experienced supply, service and training support to achieve the necessary productivity the future demands.