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Farmwelds Free Welding Training
Welding Training Equipment and Repairs

At Farmweld we are proud to offer Welding training from basic start up to advanced level.

Farmweld Ltd provide welding training and approval testing either at the clients premises providing they have suitable facilities and welding equipment of a suitable type and in good working condition or at our own welding school on Stafford Park.

We offer qualified personnel supplying welder training & testing [coding] to include job knowledge.

This can be specifically designed to suit you or your organisation, ensuring you or every member of your staff develops the skills to carry out welding tasks competently and to the required standard, thus satisfying both your customers and insurance company.

Welding can often be seen a daunting process to under take. At Farmweld we can also offer basic welder training for people who've never even welded before. Our training staff will take you through the operation and safety aspects of the weldingprocess and the various types of machine, then provide practical welder training on various types of material or applications common to your industry. If there is a certain type of weldingor part of theprocess you wish to improve on, a welder training course can be tailor to you or your staffs needs.

When a machine is purchased and you choose to collect from our Telford depot, we can offer to assemble the machine, set it up and then provide a training and tuition on the machines setup, operation and functions, so you the new owner are ready to use the machine to its full potential.

Coding / Qualification & Weld Procedures to:
- BS EN 287-1:2004 Welder Approval
- BS EN ISO 9606
- BS 4872
- BS EN ISO 15614 [to include full range of Weld Procedure approvals]
- Weld Procedure Specification written
- BS ISO 24394:2008 Aerospace Standard

For further information on our basic knowledge welding courses, advanced courses, coding qualifications and weld procedures training. Call 01952 290800 or click here to e-mail.